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1. Medicine/Medical . malfunctioning, as of an organ or structure of the body. 2. any malfunctioning part or element: the dysfunctions of the country's economy. 3. Sociology . a consequence of a social practice or behavior pattern that undermines the stability of a social system.

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

The Draft....And Other Loose Ends

Happy Wednesday!

I've been napping sporadically and falling asleep randomly over the last couple of days. Splat has been waking up more and more frequently over the last couple of nights (the record being held Monday night when she woke up on 14 seperate occasions throughout the night to be fed) and I am running out of energy.

Yay Motherhood!


I wrote a post a while back...a loooooooong while back..... that mentioned what a crummy door I had on my apartment - THIS POST! Luckily, Landlord decided to replace the front door for us and now we have a nice, new, non-screwdrivered door to keep us safe in the Ghetto.

Unfortunately, the project was...paused...before there was any insulation or trim put on the new door. This, combined with the piece of garbage screen door, makes for a very drafty living room.

The draft is strong enough to have spun the snowflake decorations that Shake'n'Bake and I had made for Christmas.

I cannot come up with a good enough preamble for this picture. Just look.

And it gets worse. So much worse.

We've opened the door some days to find a mound of snow that has been blown in and piled up into a dense triangle of winter-y goodness.


There isn't anything I can do really. We dress warmly inside, wearing slippers and housecoats. I've cranked the heater up to 24 (Celcius) which is warmer than I would like, but honestly, I have two small children.

Hopefully Landlord will fix this, maybe in the spring.

In other updating news:

I've had to add a quick edit to this post because I found out (super awkwardly and such) that the necklace mentioned is not from Europe and I don't want to spread false information.


President's Choice Mastercard mailed me my refund (in relation to this post) and I haven't recieved another statement from them recently. I'm a whole $3.64 richer!


Philip said...

wow you could squeeze through that gap if you ever lost your key Brrr.

dys·func·tion said...

@Philip: Luckily that's just the screen door, the new inner door is a *little* better... the gaps in the inner door don't let snow in! Daylight, cold winds, but no snow.
Thanks for the comment!