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Thursday, November 25, 2010

Refund My Patience

I got a bill in the mail yesterday.

Or should I say a statement.

This statement is for my President's Choice Master Card that I closed back in April.

I rounded up my last payment to make sure I covered any interest that might have grown since the balance was calculated.

This gave me an ending balance of -$3.64.


I paid them too much.

Before I spoil it all, here is the letter that I have written them:

President’s Choice Financial Mastercard:
RE: Account # **** $$$$ %%%% @@@@

To Whom It May Concern:

I am writing to you in regards to the current balance on my PC Mastercard Account. I paid the amount in full (plus extra) on April 30th 2010 and closed the account. I continue to receive a statement in the mail every month, showing the exact same credit balance of $3.64.

I was content to leave these monies with your company as a bit of an overpayment, as long as it gave me the satisfaction of having paid off one of my credit cards – eliminating a chunk of my debt.

Apparently I was mistaken, as I have been informed once a month, for over six months now, that I still have a credit balance of $3.64.

At this time I will need to request a refund of the $3.64 that your company owes me.

I would also like to no longer receive a statement in the mail from your company, informing me of the $0.00 balance that I have with an account that is no longer active.

Please mail the cheque to:
My House
The Ghetto
Thank you for your attention to these matters,



I just ran out of patience.

Stupid company could have kept the money, if only they had stopped sending me statements.

Every. Damn. Month.

And I know it's most likely procedure, or illegal, or something...but seriously...I wouldn't have asked for it back, if they hadn't continued to mail me the proof that they were holding out on me.

Now it's going to cost me 52 cents for a stamp, plus an envelope...

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