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Thursday, January 6, 2011

Rug Bugs

I'm getting rid of my "TV stand".

I had to put quotations around it since it isn't actually a TV stand...it's not really a distinguishable piece of furniture anymore.

The TV stand came with my last apartment. My old landlord's son had lived there before Brother and I did, and he had cut the legs off of a wall-unit-type-thing and then his son had put football stickers on the door.


His late-twenty-something-year-old son.


Anyways, being poor and having no furniture, I decided to use this crippled cabinet as my TV stand.

I peeled all of the stickers off of it, and scrubbed until my elbows ached.

There are still discoloured squares where the stickers were, but this unit has functioned as a TV stand for over a year now.

Picture from here
Not my TV stand.

Unfortunately for it, I have been actively kicking a hoarding habit for about 3 years now, and every so often I will look around my apartment and decide that I have been living with too much crap.

Well, I looked around my apartment the other day.

Then the donation bags come out.

Picture from here

This round, the TV stand is being cut.

I've taken everything out of the cabinet doors and relocated it (thrown it out); I've moved Shake'n'Bake's books into another shelf in the real wall unit; I've organized all the DVDs into a container; and I have pitched (given back to my hoarding Dad) my old VCR and VHSs. The TV has been moved to the spool, which I covered in a blanket to make more aesthetically pleasing, and now the DVD container and internet routers have been hidden from sight under said blanket.

I'm super pumped for the stand to go.

I'm torn between placing an ad on the local free classifieds in an attempt to get rid of it for sure, and putting it out on the curb with a big old FREE sign on it.

The latter option is a thousand times easier of course, but I live in Canada and we have snow (even in this polluted Ghetto) so the stand may get water damage before it is picked up.

And then I'd have to dispose of it myself.



No thank you.

What I am most excited about is my new carpet!

Tim the Tree is going to be undecorated and put out on the curb this weekend, and then I have a free corner of my apartment that Boyfriend and I decided would make a great play area for our quickly mobilizing baby Splat.

I got so excited about this idea that I went out and bought a carpet.

This carpet will offer a soft play area, cover the water-damaged section of hardwood, and double as a new toy!

I specifically bought a carpet that has colours and shapes on it (albeit, still being an adult carpet in case it ends up somewhere more adult in the future) so the girls could play with it with their toys.

This idea was inspired by my own childhood. I can't remember most of the toys I owned, but I'll tell you this. I remember that the carpet in my bedroom was pink, the carpet in Brother's room was blue, and the carpet in the hallway was dark red.

Picture from here

 The pink was solid earth, all of our toys could safely walk/live/scavenge/exist on the pink carpet.

Picture from here

The blue was all water, it required another piece of cloth (like a towel) to be placed down as an island or our toys needed a boat/plane to get safely around.

The red was lava, our small minds still equated this to
boat/plane = safety
but you couldn't swim or fish in it.
If you fell in, you died.

So for the last couple of days I have been placing Splat on the new rug (even though it's not in the corner yet) and she and Shake'n'Bake have been playing on it.

The best part was yesterday, when I saw Shake'n'Bake jumping from circle to circle. It was then that I was given the affirmation that I had chosen the right carpet, and that it was to be played with for years to come.

My kids are the only bugs I like to see on my floor.

Clip Art from here
As a sidenote, I hate ladybugs.


jedi starrunner said...

I found a ladybug the other day... I thought that they hibernated or relocated for the winter or something... I guess I was wrong?

dys·func·tion said...

Oh ho! Do not be fooled by ladybugs! The spawn of satan does not need to hibernate, and it cannot die.
Be afraid. Very afraid.

jedi starrunner said...

I wish I was the spawn of satan with non-hibernating/immortal skills and whatnot... I wouldn't want to be evil though. I'd be like a nice cuddly lady bug that hangs out and brings over guacamole. :)

Semen Rendi said...
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