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Saturday, September 18, 2010

She Knows If You've Been Bad Or Good

I own a laptop. No desktop computer in my house. My laptop originally came with a cordless mouse that lasted about two years before finally giving up and dying. It would no longer recieve the proper signals from itself, occassionally wouldn't turn on, and would interpret a single click as two, one, or no clicks.

So I replaced it.

I decided to purchase a corded mouse so I wouldn't have to worry about replacing batteries any more, went down to my local Staples, and bought the cheapest one off the shelf.

Well...you get what you pay for I guess.

I was pretty happy with my new mouse for the first month.

And then month two rolled around...and things got bad.

And then they got worse.

And I got angry.

This is the world's first computer mouse...neat!

My beatiful new mouse had turned into a flaming pile of garbage.

Have I mentioned that I am getting my college diploma online?

Yeah, normally it requires use of a mouse.

So, lo and behold, I have been forced into using my laptop's track pad again, which after an hour or so, gets VERY VERY FRUSTRATING!

I am quite tempted to smash my mouse off of things in an effort to coerce it to work.

For the record, that's called mechanical persuasion, and it's shown to be quite effective.

"So...you don't want to work eh? I would recommend you reconsider your position. Hiiiiiyah!"
(Cat using mechanical persuasion on his mouse)
So I did what I always do when I get angry.

I wrote a letter.

For your reading pleasure:

I purchased your Logitech M100 corded mouse from a Staples at the end of July 2010. The mouse worked properly for the first week, and since that time, the USB connection has been very temperamental. The USB needs to be plugged in *almost* all of the way, but not fully otherwise the red light on the bottom will shut off and the mouse will cease to function. Sometimes, although this delicate balance is achieved, the mouse will randomly decide to stop working mid-use, and refuse to start again until (as far as I can tell) some magical Mouse Fairy comes and wakes it up.
I purchased this mouse because I am taking college online and my previous mouse (from a different company) was very temperamental, a wireless, and on its last legs. I was given a word-of-mouth referral to your products, and was quite pleased with the price.
Yesterday the mouse stopped working.
My computer no longer "recognizes" the USB Device, and my attempts to fix it have LITERALLY led to my computer telling me to replace the product.
This product is not even two months old.
If I had realised that this was a 'disposable' mouse, if you will, then I would have spent more money up front to buy a higher quality mouse that would have lasted me through more than one Final Exam.
I sincerely apologize if this seems rude, but I am very, very frustrated with this entire situation. I was really hoping to own a mouse that would last me at LEAST a year, as opposed to the not even two months I got out of this one.
I hope to hear a response from you that indicates that this is indeed some sort of fluke, and that the M100 is not built in such a way that it would cease to work after two months.
Hopefully the magical Mouse Fairy comes and fixes this problem before the 24th so I do not have to write a two hour midterm with the track pad on my laptop...but I'm not holding my breath...I forgot to leave her anything last time.
Thank you for your time,


I'll keep you updated as to their response... but in the meantime, I will have to use my back-up plan to write my upcoming midterm.

"All right guys! Cheddar, you're in charge of moving and scrolling. Nibbles, clicking is alllllll yours."

My Mouse Team

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