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Monday, September 13, 2010

Fruit Fly

Short post today.
I'm very busy with my college work, and raising children and such.

I have fruit flies in my apartment.

Mainly because I can be lazy with my dishes, and occassionally the garbage.

Well, let's be honest. Those chores suck.

I mash these little flies as often as I see them, and because this catches my daughter's attention she often asks me what I'm doing.

"What you doing Mommy?"

(Me) "There was a fruit fly."

"A fruit fly! You should crush it."

So now, whenever she sees a fruit fly, she tells me to crush it.

This is what she told me the other day, while I was holding Splat, my youngest daughter.

*Fruit fly crosses her line of sight.*

"Mommy! There's a fruit fly Mommy!"

(Me) "A fruit fly?"

"Yeah, you should crush it. You should crush it with Splat's head."

Crush it with Splat's head.


It was difficult not to laugh as I explained that you don't crush things with other people's heads. Especially not her baby sister's.

It would hurt.

Makes for a great mental picture though.


Anonymous said...

roflcopter X2
what a funny mental image
great story

-Jujube Slingshot

- jG - said...

splat's head.

Luthvian said...

so, I'm being weird and reading through all your posts, and this one caught my eye (don't worry, I do know you IRL, not a crazy stalker).

a good way to get rid of fruit flies is with a trap, made from an empty pop bottle with about an inch of apple cider vinegar at the bottom. stick a piece of paper in the top to make a funnel with a narrow opening inside the bottle. you should tape it all together to seal the flies in. just toss it every once and a while and replace as needed.

I am also lazy with dishes, and garbage, but the damned green bin most of all. good luck!

dys·func·tion said...

That's fantastic! And I love that you're reading through all of my posts. I do that for blogs where I have no idea who the author is in real life.
I've seen (in practise recently) a small glass with a little wine in the bottom...plastic wrapped closed with a ton of small holes in the plastic wrap.
Worked like a charm lol!