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Friday, December 17, 2010

Santa Site Review

In one of the comments I recieved on yesterday's post, the author of Becoming Unstuck mentioned a link that I should check out.

So I did.
Because I'm super awesome.

This site, "Magic Santa", allows you to fill in a few blanks to provide information about your child (/friend/coworker/etc.) and then automatically emails this 'letter' to Santa at the North Pole. Santa then sends a video reply to the email address that you provide (I completely unchecked the 'provide me with updates and extra information boxes surrounding my email) which is tailored and personalized to your child.

You get to fill in your child's name, age (in years), gender, country, province, ideal gift for Christmas, highlight of the year, picture, and what they want to be when they grow up. Then you provide a picture of yourself and your relationship to the child and you're ready to go.

"But dysfunction, what about my child? My child has a very unique name. How will Santa know?"

That is a great question faithful reader!

The first box you fill in is your child's name. Spell it exactly as it should be spelled, that is how it will appear written. Further down the screen you get to pick the pronounciation of your child's name, and the best part is Santa will say 'My dear friend' if the pronounciation for you child's name isn't there!
(This is quite similar to my experience with the Scout-Violet toy from Leapfrog...thumbs up for that toy!)

I have made a video as demonstration, unfortunately I can't figure out how to embed it in here...so you'll have to follow this link or click on the picture.

www.magicsanta.com if you want to use it.

Overall, I was pretty impressed with the production and quality.

I would like to see in the future, an option to put all of your children into one letter/video, or to have a list of Video #1-5 as an option at the beginning, so you can pick a slightly different speech if you have multiple children.

Mine are still too young to pick up on it, but older children may notice that Santa is asleep at the beginning of every video...or says the same thing almost.

But in his defense, it is difficult to be original 100,000 times.

1 comment:

jedi starrunner said...

:) that site is spectacular! I loved the video <3

If I don't get a painting set this year, I'll probably ask for something easier to make next year.... Like a T-Rex or a Unicorn. :)