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Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Angry Momma

The results of the diaper poll are in!

(Be sure to check the side of the page for polls in the future.)

100% of voters chose Huggies.

And let me tell you, I used to be one of you.

I think it was the Newborn diapers that really sold me. With their awesome dip in the front that goes below your baby's belly button while the nasty stump heals and falls off.


Sorry. I'm back.

I used almost exclusively Huggies for Shake'n'Bake. I tried Pampers, and Parent's Choice, and found them to be sub-par. Teddy's Choice caused a wicked rash and was never used again. At the end of the day, I was a Huggies Momma through and through.

When Shake'n'Bake was about 9 months old, I bought a package of diapers (84 pack) that had 5 unusable diapers in them.


Five of them out of commission due to faulty gluing that caused the diaper to rip open and become insta-garbage.

I wrote a letter to Huggies, explaining the situation. I said that I had never had this problem with more than one of their diapers at a time, and that since there were five faulty diapers in the one package that maybe there was a problem with the lot.

I even included one of the faulty diapers.

I never got a reply from them.

Not once.

I was ticked off, but I continued to buy Huggies diapers. After all, they were so good and I loved them. I was a Huggies Momma!

Then I had Splat and suddenly Shake'n'Bake's diapers would no longer last her through the night.

We would change before bedtime and she would wake up wet.

They were leaking.

I was baffled. I began to think that maybe I should be buying a bigger size diaper for her, or giving her no water an hour before bed or something. But they started leaking during the day too.

And Splat's diapers started leaking.

The final straw was when I opened one of Splat's diapers to change her and it was glued to itself again.


Pampers had a sale.

Now let me tell you, I am not in cahoots with either company, and I have nothing to gain from this.

I am no longer a Huggies Momma.

I am now a Huggies Pampers Momma.

My kids love the characters (Sesame Street); they have a nice smell; the tabs work fantastically; and they have three layers of absorbancy instead of two. Most importantly, I have never come across a Pampers diaper that has been glued to itself, and I have had minimal leaks.

I would have accepted any form of explanation from Huggies about why their diapers had crapped out on me, but they didn't reply at all. I am just another consumer amongst the sea of disposable diaper parents, so why should they care one way or another?

Buying a diaper brand is always going to be a personal choice, and it's going to depend on a lot of things about how the diaper works for and fits your children.

My personal review of the two leading diapers brands leaves Huggies coming up short, and Pampers standing in the victory circle.

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