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1. Medicine/Medical . malfunctioning, as of an organ or structure of the body. 2. any malfunctioning part or element: the dysfunctions of the country's economy. 3. Sociology . a consequence of a social practice or behavior pattern that undermines the stability of a social system.

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Fish Mash

I'm not dead!

It's only been five days, but I'm sure you were concerned.


So I've been a super busy squirrel this past weekend, and I could not find the time (or energy really) to update.

On Saturday we took the girls to get their Santa Claus pictures done. Shake'n'Bake was perfect and asked, just as we'd rehearsed, for 'some toys please'. I don't think Santa understood what she said, but he said he would do his best.

Splat didn't cry, which was epic for me because for the past two years Shake'n'Bake has bawled the second she was placed on Santa's lap. Maybe the presence of the other sister calmed them each down.

They offered us a video along with the picture, which I recieved the following day in my inbox. Splat is staring at her feet the entire time, and Shake'n'Bake is very uncomfortable that she is still sitting with Santa after she's had her photo taken... I'll treasure it always.

They were both super well behaved, especially considering we stood in line for 2 hours, they each had an 'in-line' diaper change, and I nursed Splat (under cover of blanket) while in line as well.


Actually, given all that, I was super well behaved too.

Saturday night we went to my cousin's Kid's Christmas Party.

On the way we stopped at a Tim Horton's and got Candy Cane Hot Chocolates for Boyfriend and I (I give Shake'n'Bake very minimal amounts of sugar...just a choice I have made) and they were awwwwwwesome.

I highly recommend them.

The Kid's Christmas Party was a ton of fun! We brought a new unwrapped toy (per instructions) and Shake'n'Bake had a blast. She made about 8 crafts: two gingerbread men, a wreath, a snowman, a penguin, a Christmas bag, potporri box, and a bag of reindeer food - and I made a stocking for Splat!

There was a ton of yummy food that we all pigged out on, and there was 'music' that played in the background. ('Music' means the sounds of twenty screaming children, and little ones smashing out tunes on the piano that we were unfortunate enough to sit next to)

It was a ton of fun and I'm glad we could all go.

I went out shopping on Sunday and got tree ornaments and a tree skirt. We should get the tree next weekend if everything goes well. I am SO excited!

On a sadder note, I tried to make fish and chips the other night, and I was completely successful with making the french fries (chips)...but I failed horribly making the fish.


That's the fish.

They were fillets. Four of them. About the size of the pan.

And they dissolved and turned into this mash.

It was upsetting and we ended up having chicken and chips instead.


I'm planning on changing my background picture. If you have any suggestions, please comment or email them to me!

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