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Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Festive Egg Nog - Part 2

After we had finished our Christmas Eve festivities, Boyfriend and I stayed up and YouTubed watched the Muppet's 'A Christmas Carol' while munching the Christmas Sugar Cookies and Rice Krispy Squares that Boyfriend taught Shake'n'Bake how to make.

I told him all about how I am unable to fall asleep until 1:30 in the morning on Christmas Eve due to excitement, and that I would probably be awake at 3 Christmas morning anyways (I'm such a child!). Apparently, I was wrong. We crawled into bed around 10 and I set an alarm to wake up before Shake'n'Bake got home from her dad's house. Splat woke up at 8:15, at which point I fed her and slowly got up and got ready.

I washed my hair and put my pyjamas on. Pyjamas? Yes, pyjamas. All of the Christmas morning photos I have from when I was a child are of all of us in our pyjamas...I just arranged a lot more of it this year.

In the letter from Santa that the girls recieved, he had sent them each a set of gingerbread pyjamas to wear Christmas morning. That just left Boyfriend and I to arrange our pyjamas for the morning. I think it was safe to say it was much more important to me what colour of pyjamas we were wearing than to Boyfriend.

I love that boy.

We shovelled a couple of bowls of cereal into our faces and eagerly awaited the 9 o'clock drop off time for Shake'n'Bake.

Hoo boy, was she tired! Her dad had got her up some time around 5:30 in the morning so they could do their Christmas festivities and then she had an hour long car ride back to my house, so she was a little...grumpy.

Her grumpiness lasted all of two minutes. (I LOVE my kids!) Then we got changed into Christmas pyjamas and started opening stockings!!!

Phew, I'm getting all excited again just talking about it!

All four of us opened our stockings (Splat actually succeeded in chewing and shaking gifts until they opened) which had been hung on the cupboards with care, and then we opened our presents.

Santa had been kind, and so had mommy and Boyfriend, and the girls opened tons of presents. (Shake'n'Bake started to open a couple that weren't hers by mistake, but I caught her and saved them) The girls played with their toys (and I with mine) for a couple of hours before nap time.

Right after nap we ate a snack, and got dressed to go to Boyfriend's Dad's house for Christmas Dinner. The four of us were there, and Boyfriend's Dad, Boyfriend's Dad's Girlfriend, her sister, her sister's husband and their son, Boyfriend's Dad's Girlfriend's Daughter and Boyfriend's Brother.

They put on an awesome spread and to my surprise, offered it buffet style! (I've never had that outside of my own family before) People broke off into many smaller conversations but overall the noise level was quieter than our Christmas Eve Dinner.

Shake'n'Bake became the center of attention (like normal) especially at the end of the evening when she led a dance party and ordered people to clap in time for her.

You were singled out if you weren't clapping.

"You! Clap you hands!"

It was hilarious, and everyone was really kind spirited and clapped well past the point of arm fatigue for her.

After her dance party was ended by me we called it a night and packed the girls up and drove home.

Smiling and exhausted, Boyfriend and I put the girls to bed and then collapsed on the couch.

Two down, two to go.

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jedi starrunner said...

My Mom's side of the family still does the traditional sit down dinner with mounds of food passed around the table. My Dad's side has a different way of doing things:

Since appetizers and desserts are the best part of the meal anyways, we do a buffet style spread of finger foods. Mini quiches, puff pastries, meatballs, salads (the only part of the meal that warrants a fork, but that's okay), cheese and crackers, chips and dips, and desserts galore. NOM NOM NOM. I think that the buffet style works best for socializing, and I prefer the appezert style that my Dad's side does... Turkey is hard to cook, and most people end up with a dry bird that you have to drench in gravy... so we boycott... with other delicious food. Potluck style! :D

This year I only had 4 Christmases. :( Next year I'm hoping for more haha