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Thursday, October 7, 2010

There's Fungus Among Us

I've been feeling super inspired lately. So I figured I might as well fill the Blog-Wagon, if you will, before my inspiration goes back into hibernation.

Back in December of 2009 I developed some form of skin rash.

It appeared on the back of my hand.

I was already pregnant at this point...had lived in my apartment for a month...hadn't started working my new job yet...it just appeared.

I scrubbed, and disinfected, and moisturized the living hell out of this thing.

It got so dry that it would crack and bleed at work
(super awful because I worked around food and no one wants a stranger's blood all up in their dinner)

Then it moved.

It crawled up my hand and started demolishing my pinky.

It crawled around my hand and started causing my inner wrist to bleed.

Did I mention it was ITCHY AS HELL?

The back of my hand started to heal...on its own...

All of this happened around April I'd say. The back of my hand appeared scarred where - what I now fondly called "The Fungus" - had been.

The base of my wrist started to heal in and around June....it was gone before Splat was born.

The only remaining culprit is my pinky.

Somehow, the Fungus on my pinky is the worst one of all.

Not only is it super itchy, and painful, (it has itched sooooo badly that I have chewed on my finger for relief) but it develops puss nodules that explode into gooey rawness and burnnnnnn.

I went to the doctor last month for a variety of things, but I made sure to mention this while I was there.

It was diagnosed as eczema.


Uhhhhh huhhhhhh

So my Fungus, aka Eczema, was prescribed a steroid cream (hydrocortisone) that is supposed to kill it.

I tried to get a good picture...
it's so irritating that the crumbs beside my laptop are more easily seen than Super Fungus.

It's not working!

The puss nodules have returned!

My finger feels like it's on fire!!!


Leave your sympathies below. :D


- jG - said...


That is all.

Annah said...

Oh my Gosh :( But eczema does hve a cure so maybe you need to see another doctor?

My friend had it and then it disappeared after using I don't know what cream. My condolences.

dys·func·tion said...

It's been going through these cycles of getting better and then worse. It's nice for the relief, but it's sad that I can't get excited that it may be healing lol....because it probably isn't.

Anonymous said...

That sounds almost exactly like something I get sometimes, which is eczema. Creams I've gotten for it, when perscribed, have usually worked, but you have to be diligent with it--however often the doctor says, every single day...

Nicole Sparks said...

i also have eczema on my hands. It was really bad last year but it's mostly cleared up on its own (since I kept forgetting to use the cream the doctor gave me) but I do get the puss nodules in between my fingers every once in a while.