dys·func·tion /dɪsˈfʌŋkʃən/ [dis-fuhngk-shuhn]–noun
1. Medicine/Medical . malfunctioning, as of an organ or structure of the body. 2. any malfunctioning part or element: the dysfunctions of the country's economy. 3. Sociology . a consequence of a social practice or behavior pattern that undermines the stability of a social system.

Monday, October 18, 2010

Poor S.O.B

I don't have a TV connection at my house, but on rare occassions I will watch a few shows at my dad's or at Boyfriend's Mom's house.

Recently, while Boyfriend and Boyfriend's Mom's Boyfriend were working on the car, I was watching a little TV to pass the time before Boyfriend's Mom got home and we could chat.

I saw this lovely commercial, that made my stomach turn a little.

That's a YouTube link btw...

Well, the general message that I got from this commercial is that, it doesn't matter that her boyfriend, Dave, was exhausted from staying up all night trying to find them the best deal for travelling. That point is missed entirely. But because he was so tired, he 'slept in' (which implies that they don't live together, otherwise how did she wake up without waking him up) and she went on the trip without him.

That is lame, but in the end what *really* bothers me is that she found someone else.

That morning.

In a foreign country.

So the moral of the story is: if you don't really like your boyfriend, you can find whatever excuse you want, book a trip without him (because really...she's not going to let him sleep in if she bought two tickets), hop on a plane to a different country, and f*** the next thing that walks by.

Have fun Mandy and Dante.

Oh, and get tested.

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